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Sally Hersh - Sundials of Distinction

Millennium Sundial

Welsh Slate
Sundial 915 x 915mm (36" x 36")
Overall width 1425mm (56")

The new Millennium Sundial in Cambridge made by Sally Hersh is to be found on the Isaac Newton University Masonic Centre in Bateman Street.

Of four sundial designers initially approached, Sally's work was selected as the most appealing and suitable for the building. As always, her principle was to blend her sundial design with the surrounding architecture rather than to just make a personal 21st century statement.

Designing for the Masonic Centre, Sally's brief was to include the square and compasses within the work, and she chose to use this symbol for the gnomon's shape. Fretted from bronze to cast the sun's shadow onto the dial, it represents a relevant and imaginative presentation of an unusual gnomon.

This imposing, square sundial is made from Welsh slate, is handcarved and gilded and includes a surrounding stone framework similar to that around the leaded original windows of the building.

The sundial itself measures 36” x 36” (915 x 915mm) and the overall size including masonry is 56” x 59” (1425 x 1503mm)

Wall dial prices from £4,500 ex workshop.

For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact Sally Hersh or Tony Brooks on:
Tel: (+44) (0)1798 861248

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