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Sally Hersh - Sundials of Distinction

Wall Dial

A vertical, south declining wall sundial, commissioned for a private residence in Wiltshire, UK
813mm x 762mm (32" x 30").

This wall sundial was handcarved from Westmorland slate. It has gilded detail and shows anniversary lines of declination (line along which the shadow passes on a specific day each year).

A vertical wall-mounted sundial can be made to suit any situation, preferably as near south facing as possible to give the maximum number of 'reading' hours of sunshine on the sundial. Each wall sundial is designed individually for the client to suit the location. Size and shape are tailored to complement architectural surroundings and content is variable according to personal choice. This can include a motto, family monogram heraldic signs and other details, gilded with 23.5ct. gold leaf, if required.

Wall sundial prices from £4,500 ex workshop.

For more information or to discuss a commission, please contact Sally Hersh or Tony Brooks on:
Tel: (+44) (0)1798 861248

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