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Sally Hersh has been a sculptor for over 40 years. Her sculpture, primarily in stone and bronze, has received international recognition, with pieces exhibited widely and held in private collections in Europe, UK and USA.

As well as individual sculpture made to commission, which includes portrait heads, Sally Hersh's sculpture is available in limited editions, direct from the artist and may be seen in her studio by appointment. Her work is verstile and sometimes designed for focal points in gardens or atria and conservatories.

Sally Hersh - Sculpure in Bronze and Stone, Sundials and Armillary Spheres

Sally Hersh also designs and makes sundials, specially conceived for individual locations. Most of them are carved in stone, and commissioned individually by clients for their own specific locations. These are handcarved and often gilded.

In collaboration with Tony Brooks the sundial delineator, these lovely features include Wall Dials, Equatorial and Horizontal sundials.  Not only are the sundials very appealing focal points in a garden or open space but also accurate and informative educational tools which are a feature creating ongoing fascination in a garden.

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